Your First Lesson

Getting ready to drive

Your lessons, your way

Everyone learns in different ways. So when you sign up to Drive2Freedom, one of the first things we'll do is work out a personal lesson plan. It'll be designed to give you the very best chance of passing your test and will help turn you into a safe and confident driver.

Tracking your progress

You will have access to your own Drive2Freedom's Track Record – a logbook to help you track your progress and for your instructor to plan your lessons. So you'll be able to see at a glance how you're doing and how far off the all-important Drive2Freedom mock test day you are.

To get the most out of your lessons, come prepared:

  • Wear the right gear - Comfy clothes and especially shoes are a must. No steel-capped boots or high heels please.
  • Think ahead – You'll need to be aware and alert during your lesson. So don't have a big night out the day before - or drink alcohol. Tell your instructor if you're unwell as some medicines can make you drowsy and not safe to drive.
  • Don't worry about nerves – It's perfectly natural to be nervous when learning to drive. But don't worry – just tell your instructor how you're feeling and he or she will know exactly how to help.
  • Follow the rules – You can still get penalty points before you pass your test – for speeding for example. So come prepared, knowing your Highway Code and your responsibility as a driver

Your First Driving Lesson

Your first lesson will be tailored to your own needs and level of confidence to ensure a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Read on and find out what to expect.

What to bring to your driving lesson:

  • Your provisional driving licence
  • Glasses / contacts if you need them
  • Comfortable clothes and flat, comfortable shoes

Your instructor will arrive for your lesson at the arranged location and time, where you'll take a seat in the passenger side of the car. First we'll go through a few necessities such as checking you have your provisional driving licence and checking your eyesight (see below). We'll have a quick chat about any previous driving experience you may have had, but for most clients this will be the first time 'behind the wheel'.

You will be driven to a suitable, quiet location to begin the lesson. At this point you will take a seat behind the wheel, and we will briefly go over where the controls of the car are and how to use them. These will be explained in more detail when you get driving. There will be plenty of time for any questions you have and the lesson will continue at your own pace.

At this point in the lesson you will get the chance to start the car and begin trying out the controls. This will be done with plenty of help in an easy step by step manner; often the first tasks will involve moving the car off and coming to a stop, putting some of the controls and safe procedures into practice.

If you have had some previous driving experience, we'll check out what you already know, then get going from where you left off, tailoring the lesson to your own needs.

Welcome Pack - FREE Welcome Pack, including insurance and breakdown cover discounts

Before booking your first driving lesson make sure:

  • You are in possession of your provisional driving licence
  • You must have received your provisional driving licence before you start to drive on the road. Driving licenses are issued by the DVLA, and you can get an application form (D1) from any Post Office. The lesson can not continue without your provisional driving licence.

You pass the necessary eyesight requirements

The easiest way to test this is to attempt to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5m (or 20m for the new style number plates). If you need glasses to do this then you must always wear them when driving (please bring them to every driving lesson).