Getting Started

Drive2Freedom offers a range of driving tuition packages including specialist classes, courses and training to cover all learner needs and driving environments and conditions. Our driving tutors will ensure you get the best tuition available.

Before you commence with driving lessons you will need the following:

  • You can Commence driving lessons on your 17th birthday.
  • Many young people are bought lessons as a present. Lessons can be booked ahead of the "big day" so that they can commence lessons promptly.

At Drive2Freedom we can provide gift vouchers to reflect any quantity of lessons that you wish to purchase. They are valid for 12 months after purchase.

Some customers are bought driving lessons by family or friends as they are reluctant to take the first step of contacting a driving school themselves. They are always too busy and keep putting off that phone call, yet desperately want to learn to drive. Call Drive2Freedom to arrange a surprise!

The other requirement is that you must be in possession of a signed, valid provisional driving licence. 

For young people you can apply as you approach your 17th birthday, you do not have to be 17 to apply. The license will arrive before it becomes valid, but then you have it for the big day.

You can apply for a provisional licence up to 8 weeks ahead of your 16th birthday, as it becomes valid at 16 for moped training. It becomes valid for driving a car on your 17th birthday.

So don't wait until the big day !

You need to have a lesson booked - Don't delay! Book today with Drive2Freedom. 

For people that gained a licence previously and want to start driving again you simply need your signed, valid full driving licence and photo ID.

Do you have a full driving licence issued outside the UK? Are you coming to the end of the period you can drive on that Licence?

You will need a UK provisional License to take your theory and practical driving tests. Drive2Freedom can help with all aspects of this.

You can call the DVLA on 0870 240 0009 for further information.

Main Post offices can supply an information leaflet D100.

Alternatively visit for all licence enquiries.

You do not need to take and pass the Theory Test to commence lessons. You will need to pass it to take a practical driving test. For information on driving tests, visit: