Intensive Courses

Our intensive driving courses are designed for those pupils who are suited to learning at an accelerated rate of learning, for example: 

  • Work may prevent you being in a location long enough to learn over a longer time period for example shop fitters, electricians.
  • That ideal job you always wanted that demands you can drive – you never seem to have the time to devote to driving lessons
  • You can take some annual leave and do the course and still have time for leisure. 
  • Students moving away from home- needing the freedom to get about independently- half term courses might help. 

Intensive Driving Courses are the most efficient, fastest and successful method of learning to drive. The Intensive Courses proven pass rate of 74% is significantly higher than the current national pass rate, which is only 43%, and even lower for first time candidates. (Source: Driving Standards Agency)

Before you start, we make sure that you have a full assessment to determine your driving ability and level of confidence. We then plan the rest of the course (modules, length etc.) around you! Towards the end of your training we will set a minimum of one 40 min mock test for you to give you a realistic feel of what the practical test will be like.

Our priority is your progress and we will monitor this with you and provide feedback throughout the days you are learning.  

10 driving lessons  £225   with driving test fee  £287
15 driving lessons  £340   with driving test fee  £402
20 driving lessons  £440   with driving test fee  £502
25 driving lessons  £550   with driving test fee  £612
30 driving lessons  £650   with driving test fee  £712
40 driving lessons  £840   with driving test fee  £902

For details of some of the Intensive Lesson Plans Press Here.

What Next? 

If you have a question that has not been answered by what you have read, do not hesitate to contact us.

Terms & Conditions

  • Instructor reserves the right to postpone the test if the pupil does not keep up with the course 
  • Intensive courses are not for all drivers due to the intense nature of the learning. The pupil and instructor will generally be able to understand by the second day of the course if the pupil is keeping up with the syllabus.
  • Cancellation of the test at the last minute by the DSA is beyond the control of Drive2Freedom, whilst a further date will be arranged by the DSA Drive2Freedom will not be liable for any losses or disruption arising.